Plenary Lectures (Keynote)

Plenary Lecture 2 - June 27, 09:15 - 10:00 (Wed)

Parallel Driving: Framework, Theoretical Development, and Applications - Long Chen
PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Vehicle Intelligence Pioneers Inc.
Director of Autonomous Driving Lab at Sun Yat-sen University, China
Location: Conference Center
Host: Dr. Lingxi Li

Presentation Abstract:

The emerging development of connected and automated vehicles imposes a significant challenge on current vehicle control and transportation systems. Parallel driving, a cloud-based cyber-physical-social system (CPSS) framework, was proposed in 2004, and has been developed since then, for enhancing the performance and safety of connected automated vehicles. This talk will present the framework as well as the theoretical development of parallel driving in the past fifteen years, including parallel vision/perception, parallel reinforcement learning, and parallel planning/control. A novel concept of digital quadruplet for parallel driving vehicles is further defined, which consists of the vehicle-based autonomous driving system and three “guardian angels”, namely descriptive vehicle, predictive vehicle, and prescriptive vehicle that are developed in the artificial world. How the digital quadruplet for parallel driving vehicles operates will be discussed. This talk will further present a few selected real-world applications of parallel driving, such as parallel autonomous mining, parallel autonomous logistic vehicles, and parallel testing.


Dr. Long Chen is currently an Associate Professor with School of Data and Computer Science, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China. His areas of interest include parallel autonomous driving, robotics, artificial intelligence where he has contributed more than 70 publications. He serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE Technical Committee on Cyber-Physical Systems newsletter. He has been working on autonomous driving for over 10 years and holds more than 30 Chinese patents. His group has closely collaborated with Ericsson, SAIC Motor, Haima Automobile, China Southern Power G rid, and Vipshop.