IEEE IV 2018 Best Paper Awards

First Prize

Courtesy Behavior for Highly Automated Vehicles on Highway Interchanges

C. Menéndez-Romero, M. Sezer, F. Winkler, C. Dornhege and W. Burgard (Germany)

Second Prize

CNN-based Multi-frame IMO Detection from a Monocular Camera

N. Fanani, M. Ochs, A. Stürck and R. Mester (Germany)

Third Prize

Vehicle Localization using 76GHz Omnidirectional Millimeter-Wave Radar for Winter Automated Driving

K. Yoneda, N. Hashimoto, R. Yanase, M. Aldibaja and N. Suganuma (Japan)

IEEE IV 2018 Best Student Paper Awards

First Prize

Autonomous Vehicle Testing and Validation Platform: Integrated Simulation System with Hardware in the Loop

Y. Chen, S. Chen, T. Zhang, S. Zhang and N. Zheng (China)

Second Prize

Probabilistic Prediction of Vehicle Semantic Intention and Motion

Y. Hu, W. Zhan and M. Tomizuka (USA)

Third Prize

Planecell: Representing Structural Space with Plane Elements

L. Fan, L. Chen, K. Huang and D. Cao (China)

IEEE IV 2018 Best Poster Paper Awards

First Prize

MultiNet: Real-time Joint Semantic Reasoning for Autonomous Driving

M. Teichmann, M. Weber, M. Zöllner, R. Cipolla and R. Urtasun (UK)

Second Prize

Data Collection and Processing Methods for the Evaluation of Vehicle Road Departure Detection Systems

D. Shen, Q. Yi, L. Li, S. Chien, Y. Chen and R. Sherony (USA)

Third Prize

Integration Challenges of Facilities-Layer DCC for Heterogeneous V2X Services

M. I. Khan and J. Härris (France)

IEEE IV 2018 Best Workshop/Special Session Paper Awards

First Prize

An Efficient Hierarchical Convolutional Neural Network for Traffic Object Detection

Q. Bi, M. Yang, C. Wang and B. Wang (China)

Second Prize

End-to-End Driving Activities and Secondary Tasks Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Transfer Learning

Y. Xing, J. Tang, H. Liu, C. Lv, D. Cao, E. Velenis and F. Wang (Canada)

Third Prize

Online Cooperative 3D Mapping for Autonomous Driving

Z. XuanYuan, B. Li, X. Zhang, L. Chen and K. Huang (China)

IEEE IV 2018 Best Application Paper Awards

First Prize

Combining Homotopy Methods and Numerical Optimal Control to Solve Motion Planning Problems

K. Bergman and D. Axehill (Sweden)

Second Prize

Real-time Semantic Segmentation-based Depth Upsampling using Deep Learning

V. Miclea and S. Nedevschi (Romania)

Third Prize

From G2 to G3 Continuity: Continuous Curvature Rate Steering Functions for Sampling-Based Nonholonomic Motion Planning

H. Banzhaf, N. Berinpanathan, D. Nienhüser and J. M. Zöllner (Germany)