WS06: Decision-Making and Control on Driver- Automation Interaction
( CFP )

Workshop Code: ca238

Time: 8:30-12:00


  • Wenshuo Wang
    Affiliation: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA


  • Xiaoxiang Na
    Affiliation: University of Cambridge, UK

  • Jianwei Gong
    Affiliation: Beijing Institute of Technology, China

  • Wei Zhan
    Affiliation: University of California at Berkeley, USA

Scope and Goals

The idea of shared control in which a human driver and one or more automated driving agents work together presents potentials to take full advantages of ADASs while retains the driver’s authority over vehicle control. However, the dynamic and stochastic nature of human driver behaviours and the nonlinearity of vehicle dynamics have brought significant challenges to the accomplishment of driver-automation collaboration. The introduction of ADASs further raises the question of their influence on driver responses and reactions. Towards this end, understanding, modeling, and prediction of human drivers’ perception, cognition, decision-making, and actuation processes in typical driving scenarios tend to play a crucial role in improving the acceptability and adaptability of shared control schemes.

The special session aims to provide up-to-date research that could help advance understanding of the interaction between human driver and vehicle automation, so as to promote practical solutions to shared control.

Topics of Interest

  • Influence of autonomous behaviors on human-driven vehicles.
  • Shared control between human drivers and automated vehicles.
  • Driver model: perception, cognition, actuation.
  • Trust evaluation of human drivers for automated vehicles.
  • Transfer and allocation of driving authority, ability, and responsibility.
  • Driver-vehicle interface design
  • Learning-based techniques for driver-automation interaction


  • invited talk
    An Android Application for Road Freight Vehicle In-Service Monitoring
    Xiaoxiang Na