WS04: IV Test Technologies
( CFP )

Workshop Code: 5j6b2

Time: 8:30-12:00


  • Qingwen Han
    Affiliation: Chongqing University


  • Jianmei Lei
    Affiliation: China automotive engineering research institute

Scope and Goals

The development of high- performance mechatronic systems and information systems has made it possible to intelligent vehicles systems (IV). Intelligent vehicle includes environmental awareness, decision planning and control and other functions, its research involves a number of disciplines such as kinematics and dynamics, automatic control, sensor technology, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. Intelligent vehicle has the obvious advantages to solve the difficult social problems such as traffic congestion, automobile safety and environmental protection and so on. But it also brings significant challenges. From the test viewpoints, the process is quite different from that of traditional vehicles. With the inclusion of more sophisticated electric systems, the IV producers have boosted the request of test criteria, which could be used in authentication progress of commercial IV. The interesting part of the workshop is covered on the different challenging and important practical aspects such as inter-vehicle sensor fusion test, vehicle level anechoic chamber test, field test and V2X communication test.

This workshop is dedicated to the stringent requirements, foundations and development of test technologies in intelligent vehicle systems, aiming to explore the potential for developing common approach to the valuation of IV.

Topics of Interest

  • Test of sensor fusion for ADAS
  • Vehicle level EMC test
  • Packet Latency and drop rate for V2X communication network in 5G and DSRC
  • Field test for IV
  • Conformance testing of vehicle intelligent system
  • Measurement and Analysis of Electromagnetic Environment


  • invited talk1
    The test and validation challenges of sensor fusion for ADAS
    Murali Ravindran
    Director, Automotive, Global Business Development, National Instruments

  • invited talk2
    The test certification approach for C-V2X terminal device
    Yuming Ge
    Doctor, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • invited talk3
    The test platform and evaluation standard system for self-driving car
    Tao Chen
    Doctor, China automotive engineering research institute