Plenary Lectures (Keynote)

Plenary Lecture 3 - June 28, 08:30 - 09:15 (Thu)

An Open, Transparent, Industry-driven Approach to AV Safety - Jack Weast
Sr. Principal Engineer and the Chief Systems Architect for Automated Driving Solutions at Intel
Location: Conference Center
Host: Dr. Li Li

Presentation Abstract:

At Intel and Mobileye, saving lives drives us. But in the world of automated driving, we believe safety is not merely an impact of AD, but the bedrock on which we all build this industry. And so we proposed Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS), a formal model to define safe driving and what rules an automated vehicle, independent of brand or policy, should abide to always keep its passengers safe. We intend this open, non-proprietary model to drive cross-industry discussion; let's come together as an industry and use RSS as a starting point to clarify safety today, to enable the au tonomous tomorrow.


Jack Weast is a Sr. Principal Engineer and the Chief Systems Ar chitect for Automated Driving Solutions at Intel. In his nearly 2 0 year career at Intel, Jack has built a reputation as a change agent in new industries with significant technical contributions to a wide range of industry -first products and standards in complex heteroge - neous high performance compute solutions in markets that are em bracing high performance computing for the first time. With an End to End S ystems perspective, Jack combines a unique blend of embedded pr oduct experience with a knack for elegant Software and Systems design that will accelerate the adoption of Autonomous Driving. Jack is the co-author of “UPnP: Design By Example”, is an Adjun ct Professor at Portland State University and is the holder of 23 patents with dozens pending.